Anonymous asked:

I love the CAB!!!! Tell us the story of your interaction with them please!!!!

1-dsecrets answered:

ok LITERALLY I tweeted this like an hour after the concert while sitting in the car charging my phone

Then we went back over to Starbucks to charge more and we were like FUCK IT WE NEED TO GO STAND OUTSIDE I HAVE A FEELING so we go back to the Staples center and we’re standing off on the side with these 2 girls away from the crowd and I saw him. Walking. At 1am. And I literally just yelled no. And I fell outta the planter I was standing in and stumbled to him he saw me walking to him but was unsure if I knew who he was but I was like “… Alex..?” In the smallest voice And he was like “yeah hun!! :)” and I was like can I get a picture this is unreal I tweeted you like an hour ago and now you’re here I don’t even understand I love you so much” so I went to get a selfie with him and it was dark as fuck and you couldn’t see anything so the girl he was walking with (98% sure it was Hailee Steinfeld which is awkward cus I didn’t notice) was like “let me take it!!” So I was like ok thank you!!! And I went to go stand next to him and he was like “no no” and HE FUCKING GRABBED ME AND HELD ME AND I WANTED TO CRY I LOVE HIM SO MUCH IT WASNT EVEN REAL. So then I was like “I can’t even believe this I love you so much can I hug you” and he was like “of course come here” and hugged me and I was like tHANK YOU SO MUCH and ran back to the other group of girls and that’s when a big black van pulls up outta no where and Ed fuckin Sheeran jumps out and without a word just starts taking selfies with everyone like what????

SO THEn I go home and I’m sitting in my friends car outside my apartment and I tweeted him the picture and he gOD DAMN REPLIED WITH THIS (the bottom one) SO i was like “I love you so much I’m actually crying” and HE REPLIED AGAIN WITH THE TOP TWEET 


I am actually in love with him and thats my story.